About Us

Insultech Group Pty Ltd is a proudly Australian privately owned company that has been setting the standard for excellence in industrial insulation and cladding for over 30 years. Our company operates Australia wide and has been involved in some of Australia’s largest and more complex, technically advanced projects.

Our management team is committed to ensuring that we continue to fulfil our company mission of providing the best in industrial insulation and cladding contracting. Our management philosophy is based on continual improvement of the highest quality in process activities, services and products.

Many of Insultech’s management and senior staff have had a lifetime’s experience operating within the insulation industry. Add to this our growing number of dedicated long-term employees and it becomes evident that we have centuries of in-house knowledge and expertise pertaining to any type of industrial project. Ultimately then, so do our clients.

Our Engineering Design Division provides a complete range of industrial insulation solutions, working consistently in the preparation of designs and estimates for our various clients and consulting engineers. In addition to Insultech’s core business of industrial insulation, we offer a range of complimentary services including asbestos abatement, sheet metal cladding, duct manufacture and scaffolding, including follow up servicing, ongoing maintenance and 24/7 emergency call-outs.

Our success in the management of large and complex projects is due to a combination of our knowledgeable and experienced project management teams and crews supported by Insultech’s flexible Integrated Project Management System (IPMS). Projects are planned, tracked and managed from design to completion via Insultech’s IPMS, which can integrate project reporting procedures with our clients own project management system, providing a familiar means by which our clients receive project related information. IPMS will manage information such as planning and scheduling the allocation and organization of resources and tasks to fulfilling all contractual reporting obligations. Our system will deliver daily, weekly and monthly reports, quality control and assurance documentation, health safety and environmental reporting, RFI’s, and RFQ’s, progress reports and inbound / outbound correspondence registers etc, in electronic and hardcopy formats. From the commencement of the project to practical completion and final hand over, IPMS also assists our project managers and site supervisors to administer the contract more effectively.

With a greater emphasis now being placed on corporate and industry responsibility towards the environment, we know Insultech’s position of being able to offer our clients the safest, most efficient and environmentally responsible insulation system available is an enviable one. Yet we still look forward to the challenges of the future, to assisting our clients and industry partners in the development of cleaner and more efficient advanced technologies. 30 years on and we’ve only just begun.

Please take the time to view our capabilities and if you wish to enquire about our services or require assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.