scaffolding services

The advantage of using Insultech’s scaffolding services lies within our vast knowledge of industrial projects and understanding the needs of each of the individual trades involved. This experience certainly equates to substantial cost and time savings for our clients. Often, scaffold companies less familiar with industrial projects will erect scaffolds for a particular trade without any thought given to the requirements of other contractors or the plant and equipment around them.Scaffolding Services - NSW Australia Typically, a scaffold built for mechanical installations and pipe welding can also be used for the application of protective coatings, thermal insulation and cladding, electrical installations and testing. Countless times we have needed scaffolds built by others dismantled only to be moved a few inches, or had major modifications and re-erection performed just to allow for insulation and cladding thicknesses or to improve accessibility and site congestion in and around the scaffold. What can be seen as a series of simple mistakes eventually becomes a costly exercise that may double or triple your expenditure for scaffolding on your project. In consultation with your project team, we can ensure the need of one contractors scaffold can meet the needs of many. We’ll make sure that your scaffolds are built right, the first time by our dedicated team of qualified and experienced scaffolders. Additionally, Insultech offers you the flexibility to use your own scaffold equipment, ours or that of a third party supplier.

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