Thermal Insulation

Industry Leaders in Thermal Insulation

Insultech’s industrial insulation capabilities cover an ever increasing range of applications. We work in partnership with many industry leaders in the field of power generation, LNG processing, petrochemical refining, pharmaceutical, transport, wood pulp and paper, food and beverage manufacturing, in fact most industrial processes. With our specialist knowledge of industrial insulation system requirements, we can design, supply, fabricate, install and maintain any insulation system to meet your specific needs. Thermal Insulation - NSW Australia

From cryogenic temperatures of -150°C and below to extreme heat up to 2000°C, we minimise thermal conductivity for the purpose of energy conservation, temperature regulation, moisture control, freeze protection, personal protection, plant operational efficiency and the overall reduction of green house gases.

As part of our service we ensure our clients receive a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible insulation system. Often our clients come to us with pre-designed insulation systems to suit their process. Our engineering team will regularly find ways to increase plant efficiency, reduce environmental impact and the overall cost of the installation whilst maintaining complete system integrity. It’s this commitment to quality that has fostered many long standing relationships with our well renowned and highly regarded national and international clients.

Through our network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers we have a wide variety of locally manufactured and imported insulation products available that are designed for specific industrial insulation applications. Often it will take a combination of products from various suppliers to ensure correct performance of the insulation system and our extensive knowledge of our suppliers and their products means our clients take ownership of a system that is guaranteed to meet their performance targets.

Insultech has a diverse range of fabrication facilities ranging from high volume manufacturing workshops to more project specific mobile fabrication units. These units are well equipped with all the necessary plant, machinery and equipment needed to carry out industrial insulation applications. Our mobile units provide excellent flexibility as they can be tailored to suit the size and scope of your project. We can fabricate and install anywhere, anytime, Australia wide.

Our skilled project management teams and workforce will work hard to ensure your project is carried through on time and within budget. From all new construction and plant expansion to refurbishment, outage and ongoing maintenance programs, along with 24 hour emergency callouts, we continually demonstrate to our clients that they have made the right choice through our commitment to quality, safety and performance at a competitive price.

If you wish to enquire about our services or require assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.