Project Related Services

Insultech provides a number of related services to our clients on major projects.

Hellilift Services - NSW AustraliaHelilift

For difficult lifts and with a lifting capacity up to 1400kg, helicopters can often be a safer, quicker and cheaper alternative to using mobile cranes, especially when it comes to lifting plant and equipment on large expansive industrial buildings or commercial high-rise buildings. On a recent power project, part of Insultech’s scope was to install 6 steel support structures and smoke exhaust fans onto a turbine hall roof. One option was to use a 200 ton mobile crane and relocate it for each of the six lifts that would result in blocking movement on and around a very tight site, ultimately causing complete disruption to all construction activities for a period of 4 days or more. With some careful planning and the aid of a helicopter, the operation was carried out on a Sunday, took 45 minutes and cut the overall installation cost by 60%, with no disruption to the project – a major cost savings for our client. Additionally, our client got to fly their corporate flag during the manoeuvres whilst their senior project management representatives enjoyed a scenic flight for some great aerial snapshots of the project. Insultech has specialist procedures, crews and equipment to carry out this unique operation making it a safe, efficient, cost effective and interesting alternative to crane hire.

Thermal Imaging Services - NSW AustraliaThermal Imaging

Insultech uses thermal imaging technology as part of its quality program to assess the performance of installed insulation systems. We are proud of our zero non-conformances record. Insultech can also carry out plant surveys to assess plant insulation efficiency, exposed hot and cold plant affecting personal protection or as part of a routine non-destructive test program.

Protective Coatings Services - NSW AustraliaProtective Coatings

From surface cleaning and preparation, including containment and encapsulation systems if required, to high pressure water blasting, abrasive treatments and the application of protective wrappings and paint coatings, Insultech can apply protective coatings to your plant and equipment prior to the installation of your insulation system.

Site Facilities Maintenance Services - NSW AustraliaSite Facilities Maintenance

Insultech’s Site Facilities Maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning of site offices, crib sheds and site amenities including general handyman repairs
  • The management of site waste and recyclables
  • The operation and management of the sites canteen facilities

Grounds Maintenance Services - NSW AustraliaGrounds Maintenance

Insultech’s Grounds Maintenance includes:

  • General mowing and slashing duties
  • Weed spraying and control
  • Edges, pathways and fences maintenance

If you wish to enquire about our services or require assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.